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Singapore Campus League (SGCL) is the national League of Legends (LoL) interschool championships. It is a showcase, outlet and gathering of the Singaporean community's passion for esports.

Schools from all over Singapore put forth their best players to compete for glory, victory over their rivals, and ultimately, the championship title.

The tournament is formed of two divisions: Secondary School students (B Division) from JC, Poly, ITE and University students (A division). School teams fight among respective divisions for the championship prize pool involved, but more importantly, they fight for a shot to be recognised for their talent and passion.

SGCL is Everywhere

SGCL 2017 saw breaking levels of participation. 289 teams across 120 schools, with a total of over 1500 players were involved*. Over 5000 LoL players also registered on the SGCL School Directory to express their interest in linking up with their campus League communities.

SGCL is an Esports Journey

School teams compete amongst one another to get as far as they can in the competition and are awarded accordingly for their efforts. In this competitive road to championships, teams train, laugh, win and lose together. It takes talent, teamwork and some serious commitment.


Over the years, we've had reigning champions, underdogs and rivalries.

SGCL 2017: Who will reign? Let's see.

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